Clients Testimonials

I'll Start My Hospital Project In 2024, Thanks To Buy-Back Scheme.

Five years ago, I dreamt of creating my own hospital in Nigeria, a place where I could make a difference. With relentless determination, I began saving, amassing N100 million in a bank account, despite the meager interest.

In February 2022, I stumbled upon Revendel Realty online, a beacon of hope as I fondly call them now.😊😊

We connected, and as I delved deeper, my heart whispered, "Invest."

Testing the waters, I started with N10 million at 25% profit for six months. In August 2022, the magic happened – I received N12.5 million, with the company's prompt communication boosting my confidence.

Soon after, I entrusted N100 million for a 12-month investment at 50% profit. By August 2023, my faith was rewarded with N150 million.

For years, my funds had languished in bank fixed deposits, but now, this journey ignites my spirit.

In January 2023, I committed another N50 million at the same rate. As I celebrate the fruits of my N150 million in August 2023, I eagerly anticipate the rewards of the N50 million still in motion.

My dream of starting that hospital by 2024 is closer than ever, and it's all thanks to these well-placed investments.

The post-dated cheques in my hand, the CofO titles, and the company's sterling reputation bolster my belief in this lifetime opportunity. Without it, who knows how long my dream would remain a dream.

Gratitude flows to AyHomes Investment Limited and Chris @Revendel Realty for bringing this chance into my life. Truth is, good people are hard to find, but if you find one? You're very lucky.

The journey continues, and I'm ready to soar.

Dr. Salami Kolewale


Building My Real Estate Empire One Plot At A Time Via Pre-Launch Investment Strategy.

In January 2022, I came in contact with Chris @Revendel through whom I invested in a N5.5 million pre-launch plot at Hilton Royal Garden, right next to Alaro City and the upcoming Lekki International Airport. Little did I know, my investment would blossom beyond my imagination.

Fast forward to August 2023, and I'd find the road to the estate tarred, the whole bushy forest cleared, structures rising around the neighborhood, the estate elegantly fenced and gated.

The astounding part? That very N5.5 million plot now closed sale this August at N25 million – a staggering N19.5 million profit in just over a year. Can you feel my inspiration?

What led me to this smart investment move, you ask? I saw untapped potential and had a trusted real estate advisor – that's Chris, committed to transparency. He guided me through every step, ensuring I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision.

Today, it's fulfilling to say that I've watched my wealth grow by a remarkable N19.5 million, and I have a choice – sell now or hold for greater wealth. I'm not stopping there; I'm building an empire, one plot at a time.

From my previous experience, I've already subscribed with N5m to spread the balance. I've learnt it's best to buy at a pre-launch price. It appreciates faster in just 2 to 6 months especially if the property is strategically located. Real Estate is the big deal.

Mr E. C. Afamefuna


Exchris AutoSpare Ltd, SA

How N50m made me extra N55m profit in 24-months. I'm The Most Favoured!

My life was trapped in the confines of a dead-end job, and I knew deep down that I needed an escape plan. Real estate investing had always held a special allure for me, but I was lost, not knowing where to start. Then, last year, someone referred me to Chris @Revendel.

At first, I'll admit, skepticism loomed large over my thoughts like a shadow in the night. But I couldn't ignore the call of opportunity, the chance to have what I'd saved yield more increase for me. Two weeks passed, and curiosity got the best of me. I picked up the phone and called Chris, hoping for answers, clarity, and reassurance.

His patient voice unraveled the intricate web of the buy-back scheme, addressing every question I hurled at him. Yet, there was a challenge – I wasn't in Nigeria, and sending a representative to inspect their Lekki Lagos office became my next step.

The visit unfolded, and with newfound confidence, I took the plunge, investing a substantial N50 million for a 12-month period, with an enticing promise of 50% profit. To my amazement, at the end of the 12 months, a staggering N25 million in profit came in as promised.

You see, I had always danced on the precipice of investment, fearful of the abyss below, the uncertainty of whom or what to trust. Real estate had beckoned, but the risks and stress held me at bay, despite my passion for the industry. It was a relentless dilemma. But then, this opportunity emerged, a chance to place my hard-earned money in something solid, something that would yield returns within a set timeframe.

The best part? No extra fees burdened my shoulders – no documentation fees, no agency fees, no development fees. I had found an oasis in the desert of investment.

The story doesn't end there; it unfolds with even more promise. I reinvested both my initial capital of N50 million and the N25 million profit, making it a grand total of N75 million for another 12-month venture. This is my fourth month, and I'm already anticipating a profit of N35 million. That's the magic of this buy-back scheme.

In 24 months, my N50 million has transformed into a staggering N55 million in profit. I tend to always ponder on this – where else could I have found such a high return on investment in such a short span of time? A reliable source for that matter. Not to mention the incentives I've also received from the company just for investing. 

Trust me, leaving my money idly in a fixed deposit at the bank is a decision I regreted. Especially when I heard that they've been in operation for the past 5 years now. If only I had known about this opportunity earlier, I'd be awash in wealth by now.

Nonetheless, my gratitude knows no bounds, and it's all thanks to Chris Revendel for introducing me to this life-altering opportunity. This is a big favour done to me, and I can't recommend Chris and this buy-back scheme enough to anyone seeking a rock-solid, high-yield investment. It's a golden ticket to a future you've always dreamed of. I so testify.

Nwachukwu Winifred


Without Extra Labour or Commitment, Making N10m Profit In 12-months Is A Big Deal For Me.

A colleague referred me to Buy-Back Scheme after I overhead him talking with Chris on the phone about his investment.

After getting all the information I needed, I invested N20m in the Buy-Back Scheme for 12-months duration. To guarantee my investment, I was given Contract of Sale, Post-Dated Cheque, Acknowledgement Letter, and Receipt.

At the end of the 12 months, I received my 50% profit together with my capital i.e N30m. Making N10m profit in 12-months without extra cost, labour, risks, and time was more than worth it.

I'd recommend this Real Estate Buy-Back Scheme to anyone looking for a reliable short-term assets to invest in.

Dr. Lilian A

FMC, Nigeria 

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