Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Revendel Realty About?

We know the best real estate investment opportunities in fast-developing and high brow areas and will help you take advantage of them. We will also show you ways to conveniently finance your private properties in budget-friendly manners via real estate trading (buy to sell or buy-back schemes).  

What Is Buy To Sell?

It's an initiative from PWAN GROUP, which gives you an opportunity to trade real estate and make profits up to 30% over a period of 12 months and 50% over a period of 18 months respectively.  

What Is A Buy-Back Scheme?

Buy-Back Scheme is an initiative of AyHomes where customers can purchase plots from Sentosa City phase 2 for a significantly reduced price, and the company will subsequently buy the plots back from them with interest after a predetermined period of time.

What Kind Of Properties Does Revendel Sell?

Verifiable Properties - We are very intentional about the kind of properties we market because integrity means a lot to us. We only sell properties with verifiable titles and are affordable. If you check our listings, you'll discover that we only market properties with either C of O, Governors Consent, Supreme Court Judgement, Gazette, Government Excision. Integrity and Trust is key to us hence we usually encourage clients to do due diligence on any property deal before making payment. Please check out our blog here to learn more about the above mentioned documents. 

Each of these offers are located in a very elegant choice areas of the city and are much more affordable compared to other offers within the same neighbourhood. 

How About Allocation After Investment On Buy2Keep Lands?

We only market specific virgin lands and new houses that offer instant allocation after payment and documentation has been completed. 

How About Revendel Agency Fee?

Revendel does not collect agency fees from clients. We receive sales commission from our partners.

Does Revendel Receive Money Or Any Form Of Payment On Behalf Of Her Partners?

NO! We do not collect any money, charges or payment on behalf of our partner companies. All payments are to be made directly in favour of the particular promoter/developer of the estate.

What Happens After Sales? Most Especially If I'm Not Around To Keep An Eye On My Properties?

We do not abandon clients after sale. Revendel offers 100% after sales service/support such as property management. Buying into any of the properties we sell ensures total safety of your assets.  

What is the Difference Between Buy2Sell offer / Real Estate Trading and Buy2Keep / Land Banking Investment?

Buy to Sell Offer, Real Estate Trading, or Buy-Back Scheme as is known is an investment model where investors can purchase plots from any of the listed estates for a significantly reduced price, and the company will subsequently buy the plots back from them with interest after a predetermined period of time. To learn more about these investment model, see here and here. Also check out each of their FAQ for better clarifications.

While Buy to Keep or Land Banking is a real estate investment strategy in which investors acquire and hold undeveloped land with the expectation that its value will increase over time. The primary goal of land banking is to benefit from the appreciation of the land's value, rather than immediate development or use of the property. We have numerous currently selling estates with such great investment value across Nigeria. To read more on this topic, visit our blog here.

What Is The Aim Or Purpose Of Real Estate Trading Offer?

Many people have projects that needs financing. And due to obvious reasons, secular banks are not options even for those with bankable collateral. So, to help such individuals actualize their dreams, this opportunity to trade on high value asset has become a goldmine. Imagine you have a project that would cost you N50,000,000, and you have gathered N30,000,000. Now, let's say you plan embarking on this project in two years time. And here you have this opportunity to invest the N30,000,000 for the 1st one year (12 months) @50% profit. Now, that is a guaranteed N15,000,000 profit. And you repeat it the next year probably this time in adding to the N15m profit making it an investment sum of N45m. Now that will give you a profit of N22.5m. When you add your total capital invested (i.e N45m) with the 2nd year accruing profit (N22.5m), you'll be having a total of N67.5 million. Isn't that incredible? You did not only meet your 2years target but exceeded it. There's no investment scheme out there that can give you that! That's a fact! Let's help you tag from this opportunity. 

What Do I Get For My Subscription Of The Buy2Sell Or Buy-Back Scheme?

~Post-Dated Cheque, 

~Contract of Sale or Deed of Buy-Back Scheme, 

~Receipt, and

~Acknowledgement Letter 

N/B: Kindly check out their various pages here and here to be properly guided. 

How Much Is The Documentation Fee For Buy2Sell Or Buy-Back Offers?

None whatsoever! The stated amount on each offer is the only amount you'll be investing. No hidden charges or extra cost.

What Are The Duration Periods For Each Scheme From These Companies?

For AyHomes Investment Ltd:

6 months @25% profit; 10 months @40% profit; 12 months @50% profit.

For PWAN Group Ltd:

6 months @12.5% profit; 12 months @30% profit; 18 months @50% profit.

What If I do Not Want A Post-Dated Cheque But Rather Prefer A Direct Transfer?

Yes, as indicated in the subscription form, you can opt for direct transfer into your designated account details. At the expiration of your investment window, you'll be asked to reconfirm the active status of the account details you provided before transfer can be effected.

Can I also Invest In Dollar? 

YES! Incase you do not have a functional naira account, you can invest in dollar and you'll also be paid in dollar. 

Can I Decide To Keep The Buy2Sell / Buy-Back Property After The Duration Of The Investment Timeline?

NO! These Estates are specifically mapped out for trading purposes and the contract ends at the expiration of the timeline. Property is retrieved from client after payout is effected. But a client can reinvest again. Or alternatively, client can decide to make a fixed investment for some certain number of years cumulatively. In such a scenario, client can opt to be making withdrawal of only the profit at the end of each trading year while the capital keeps running or choose to leave both the capital and the profit till the end of the investment contract. In such a situation, everything is paid cumulatively at the end of the investment contract.

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