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The ultimate dream of most people within the working age bracket of the economy is to work remotely at their own pace.

The flexibility, productivity and unique work-life balance it presents is nothing short of bliss.

If this sounds like the kind of stuff you'd like, then we are inviting you to grab this opportunity to work with us in Nigeria.

We (Revendel) have a few slots left for ambitious Nigerians who desire a high-paying, remote work that they can do fully or as a side hustle.


PWAN is acronym for Property World Africa Network. PWAN was established in March 2012 (11 years ago) with offices in US, UK, Dubai, Ghana and Nigeria.

Over her 11 years of existence, PWAN has empowered thousands of people and families and given them a source of earning legitimate income doing real estate business.

Thousands have seen their lives transformed and can now live a comfortable life while thousands have achieved their dream of owning their own home.  

                      ABOUT AYHOMES

AyHomes is a Real Estate marketing, investment and development company situated in Lagos, Nigeria. Despite the location, it serves clients nationwide. The company was established to open clients to numerous opportunities in the growing and  lucrative real estate industry in Nigeria over a decade ago. Since then it has served clients efficiently with grateful clients now proud home owners. Ayhomes is duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with RC Number 1484713. It is also members of foremost real estate organizations in the country.

Ayhomes operate with high level of integrity and efficient service delivery. Services cut across property marketing, property investment, property consult and property development.

PWAN's Compensation Plans

 There are 13 ways to earn money with PWAN. They include:

✅ Benefit #1 - Direct sales commission (1% to 15%)
✅ Benefit #2 - Indirect sales commission (1% to 5%)
✅ Benefit #3 - Direct recruitment bonus (N7,200 - N11,520 for each recruitment)
✅ Benefit #4 - Direct BuyToSell commission (30%)
✅ Benefit #5 - Indirect BuyTo sell commission (7.5%)
✅ Benefit #6 - Center recruitment bonus
✅ Benefit #7 - Center sales bonus
✅ Benefit #8 - PBO monthly performance bonus
✅ Benefit #9 - Annual performance bonus
✅ Benefit #10 - PBO elite/VIP bonus
✅ Benefit #11 - Manager or leadership bonus
✅ Benefit #12 - Director bonus.
✅ Benefit #13- Founders bonus.

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AyHomes Compensation Plans 

AyHomes maintains the rank of being most beneficial in terms of partnership with realtors across the globe with a lot proven factors. Our promise is to expose you to the facts on ground, it is up to you to decide what suits you best. 

Unique features that sets AyHomes business model apart:

  • Completely FREE registration
  •  25% for client's 6 months investment plan
  • You earn the same 7% commission rate for both 6, 10, or 12 months deal closed.
  • Your client also get incentives depending on the level of their investment.
  • Your client can opt for upfront payment of 50% of ROI 6 weeks from the time of investment.

This is a great opportunity to those who have the passion to succeed but are hindered by startup capital. This is an answer to your prayers! 

For more information on AyHomes opportunities and pictorial evidences, see here. 

Business Success Matrix
Business Success Matrix

  Now, how much you earn in PWAN or relatively AyHomes depends on the level of effort you’re willing to put into the business.
And with the 5x5 matrix system that PWAN adopted, Nigerian partners get rewarded for building a network of other partners and customers.

This plan typically consists of five levels or tiers, with partners at the top level being responsible for recruiting and training partners on the subsequent levels. As the network grows, partners earn commissions and bonuses based on the sales generated by their downlines, which can extend up to five levels deep.

This compensation plan encourages teamwork, incentivizes recruitment efforts, and provides an opportunity for partners to earn income based on the performance of their network.

See attached graphical representation of the 5x5 matrix compensation plan that PWAN uses to reward partners.  

  Seminar Dates, Venues And Times

At PWAN, we take the enlightenment of all our business partners seriously.

For this reason we regularly organize paid and free seminars across the whole spectrum of business development.

Our seminars hold on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays by 10am across our offices nationwide.

Inspection Dates And Times

Inspection holds Mondays to Saturdays by 10am and 2pm and, with special arrangements, on Sundays by 1pm. Take off point is our offices nationwide.

Inspection Fees

We do not charge a dime for inspections. We transport interested people who want to inspect our properties to and fro sites free of charge.

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Join Successful Team
Join Successful Team
Cyril Mary Obinna Mgba  (aka Mr. Double Barrel Approach)
Cyril Mary Obinna Mgba (aka Mr. Double Barrel Approach)

Testimonials From Some Of Those Working With Us In Nigeria

Business Manager

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Cyril Mary Obinna Mgba, a proud PWAN Partner since November 27th, 2015. Although it wasn't until April 2016 that I truly hit the ground running in this incredible PWAN business opportunity.

Before discovering PWAN, my family and I were struggling to make ends meet. To make matters worse, our next-door neighbor was a large canal that often caused flooding in our apartment whenever it overflowed. But thanks to the swift intervention of PWAN, that accommodation challenge became a thing of the past. We moved into a beautiful apartment on a tarred road, and our lives took on a new level of ease and comfort.

Motivated by this positive change, I devoted my full time and effort to the PWAN business. I quickly became known for collecting several goody bags during our monthly success summits as I excelled in recruiting people into the PWAN business opportunity. The constant flow of commissions began to alleviate the financial pressures faced by both my immediate and extended family.

The mission statement of PWAN GROUP, "to show you how to make money and build your own home, at zero cost," became a tangible reality in my life. Today, I am blessed with more than 50 plots of land across various locations in Nigeria, all under the umbrella of PWAN GROUP estates.

Nowadays, it is rare for a week to pass without me receiving at least four to five alerts through direct and indirect commissions. As a team manager for over two years, with two team managers, five senior partners, 82 partners, and over 300 consultants directly under me, there is truly no limit to my income potential through the PWAN Business Opportunity.
I can confidently say that perhaps no one in the entire PWAN GROUP has been showered with the level of favor and blessings that I have received. Thanks to the guidance and support of my mentor, Dr. Augustine Onwumere (aka Mr. Empowerment), my training center, PWAN BETHANY Networkers in Okota, Lagos, was equipped with marketing materials, projectors, and a public address system. These resources greatly aided my team and me in achieving remarkable success.

This support enabled me to build a formidable team of high achievers, resulting in a thriving business and team. The favor bestowed upon me extended to my family as well. One of my children, Emmanuel Okeke Mgba, was awarded a scholarship from secondary school to university, among many other achievements. I am truly grateful for the fortuitous encounter that led me to such an exceptional personality and company, PWAN GROUP. It has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.

Through this incredible business opportunity, I have won three cars. Moreover, PWAN has blessed me with a two-bedroom, all-in-suite apartment in Lekki. Together, we have acquired 50 plots of land across various PWAN Estates nationwide. The company has faithfully upheld the scholarship commitment for my son, Emmanuel Ifeanyichukwu Okeke Mgba, from secondary school through university.

By God's grace, I have also had the opportunity to embark on several all-expense-paid trips around the world, won prestigious awards, and acquired valuable assets such as a decent home, cars, and household appliances – all thanks to PWAN.

I thank God for the founders of PWAN GROUP! Their vision and dedication have come to depopulate the Kingdom of poverty, ushering in a new era of abundance and prosperity.

Fortunately, someone referred me to attend an interview for a Frontdesk Officer position at PWAN Max Enugu. I got the job, and within six months, I was promoted to the Customer Service and later the Admin department.

Since encountering Mr. Empowerment, my personal growth has been tremendous. Working under him has revealed skills and abilities I didn't know I possessed. I find myself taking on responsibilities without being prompted and require minimal supervision.

Working at PWAN Group has been a transformative experience, and I attribute much of my growth to Mr. Empowerment's guidance. His support has enabled me to take care of myself and financially assist my mother. 

I am incredibly grateful to Mr. Empowerment and God for the blessing of meeting him."  

Anthonia Chinelo Obodo Odika
Anthonia Chinelo Obodo Odika

PWAN Group Team Leader, PWAN Group Power Group.

When the economic situation of our nation took a downturn, it had a profound impact on almost every sector. My husband, who was involved in the importation business, felt the effects firsthand as things turned sour. Paying bills on time became uncertain, and the future seemed uncertain.

Then, in July 2017, I had the privilege of meeting Ifeyinwa Ezeiruoma, who introduced me to PWAN. I am eternally grateful that I gave her a listening ear and registered immediately as her downline. To say that PWAN has changed my life and the lives of my entire family would be an understatement. It has been our lifeline in times of uncertainty.

My achievements through PWAN have made my husband incredibly proud, and my children are inspired to follow in my footsteps. In fact, every member of our family is now a registered PWAN member. Even the youngest member of our household made history by becoming the first child ambassador for the company and recruited some individuals for me.
In the first six months after my registration, I hadn't made a single sale. However, after seven months, my perseverance paid off, and I made my first sales. Throughout those seven months, I focused on recruiting fiercely and utilized the testimonies of other members to market the company. People needed physical evidence before they believed in what I had to offer. The first alert I received was a referral bonus, which brought immense joy.

Then, on February 28th, 2018, a significant turning point occurred. I sold a plot of land for an impressive sum of ₦‎15.3 million at Cedarwood Boulevard, and the client made an outright payment. This single transaction changed my life for the better. I not only became a millionaire instantly but also received a plot of land, a 3.5 KVA generator, and a chest freezer as additional rewards. This achievement served as a powerful incentive for me to push even harder.

I intensified my efforts to recruit as many people as I could, resulting in another remarkable week where I sold three plots at Cedarwood Phase 3. My dedication and success led me to be recognized as the highest sales partner of PWAN in 2018.

Moreover, PWAN has made my dreams of traveling outside the shores of Nigeria a reality. Through the company's support, I had the incredible opportunity to visit London, Dubai, Ghana, and even enjoy a seven-day ship cruise. 

All the expenses were generously covered by PWAN. Many people approach me, eager to learn my strategy, and I always remind them that "a closed mouth is a closed destiny."

PWAN is more than just a real estate business – it's an empowerment program that propels you towards greatness. I am passionate about teaching people how to fish, rather than simply giving them the fish. I have successfully recruited 88 partners directly under me, and the referral bonuses speak for themselves. 

Additionally, I have numerous indirect partners. In August 2018, I launched my power team center, and through that initiative, I have been able to attract 140 partners. When you truly believe in yourself, you will achieve remarkable feats. My unwavering slogan remains "I CAN."
I express my heartfelt gratitude to the PWAN Group for introducing network marketing into their real estate business. 

It has not only helped me discover my potential as a networker but has also provided me with a platform for personal and financial growth.  

  Subscribe now to work with us as a business partner and become your own boss here in Nigeria, with potential to earn up to N1m per month working at your own pace.

We have just few slots left…. Incase you encounter hitches in the cause of registration, message our team here on WhatsApp to receive step by step support, so you can subsequently be added to WhatsApp group for further support, training, and free promotional resources to enable you succeed in the business.  

  Unlock Unlimited Income Potential

Imagine the possibilities when you join our real estate network marketing business opportunity. As a member of our team, you'll have the chance to tap into a lucrative industry and unlock unlimited income potential. With our proven system and extensive training, you'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the competitive real estate market. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take control of your financial future. Join us today!

 Unlock Unlimited Income Potential

Imagine the possibilities when you join our real estate network marketing business opportunity. As a member of our team, you'll have the chance to tap into a lucrative industry and unlock unlimited income potential. With our proven system and extensive training, you'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the competitive real estate market. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take control of your financial future. Join us today!  

 Secure Your Financial Freedom Today

It's time to break free from the limitations of traditional 9-to-5 jobs and secure your financial freedom. Our real estate network marketing business opportunity offers you the chance to build a sustainable income stream that can provide for you and your loved ones for years to come. With the flexibility to work on your own terms and the potential for exponential growth, this opportunity is a game-changer. Don't let another day go by without taking action towards achieving the financial freedom you deserve. Join our team now and start living life on your own terms! 

 Few Slots Left For A Limited Time

Time waits for no one, same with opportunity… we have few slots left Nigeria for a limited time. Once the slots are filled or the time limits expire, the door will close till further notice. Will you be among the few destined to become financially independent via real estate? The choice is yours to make.  

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